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Our organization has a prominent name and image that has high customer recognition in the automotive parts and accessories market. We stock and sell high quality accessories for all types of vehicles. We have what you need so you can enhance your vehicle to suit your purpose. We are tried, tested and trusted when it comes to looking after your vehicle and advising you on the best possible solution for your needs.

Our car inspection service are carried out by a fully qualified expert motor vehicle repairers who ensure that every aspect of your vehicle is inspected thoroughly, using a comprehensive car check method. We check everything under the hood like Engine & Compression test of each cylinder, Battery voltage Hoses, Belts etc. We also perform an On Road test to check for noises, performance, wheel alignment, braking etc.

Finding the right price for your car is extremely important. If you price it too high, you may not get any sincere responses and if you price it too low, the car will be easy to sell but you will not get the right price for it. A good place to start is WIAA own valuation engine. WIAA work extremely hard to make sure you get know the right price to sell your car via extensive on-ground research, in-depth dealer relationships and advanced price indexing tools.

Buying & Selling
Your go-to destination in a very complex and growing motoring world. We are ordinary people in an extra-ordinary world of motoring and yet our comprehensive reviews, news and applications put us on a pedestal that truly understands your needs with regards to buying and selling your car. 
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