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Driving School

WIAA in collabrtion with the Ahmedabad Education Society and castrol India Limited had set up the WIAA Castrol Institute of Motoring at Ahmedabad. The Institute’s main objective is Human Safety on Road”. The Various types of Classes are being conducted at Institute as follows:

Car Mechanism
Safe Driving Courses for New Drivers
Safe Driving Courses for Bus Drivers, Heavy Vehicle Drivers and Paid Drivers
Practical Driving Training Classes.
Drivers Carrying Hazardous / Chemical Goods Training.

Fleet of Cars with dual control system for training safe drivers.
WIAA - Castrol Institute of Motoring
Road Safety programme for Commerical drivers under CMV 9
Courses proposed

There are several theoretical courses with a duration from two hours to a maximum of six hours these courses are designed to not only impart knowledge on basic traffic rules but also to incorporate social, economical, psychological, technical and scientific aspects having direct or indirect influence on matters related to road safety. Where relevant, the course will also cover factors related to physical /mental status of pedestrians / drivers as well as technical limitations of vehicles to highlight the unknown risk factors that exist on the road. On the subject of driving, the courses will help to enrich knowledge so as to make better drivers in terms of skill and technique which, in the process, ensure safe and economical motoring under varied driving conditions .the courses proposed are as under.

Theoretical courses for school –going children to ensure their safety as pedestrians and cyclists
Theoretical course for two-wheeler riders
Theoretical courses on car driving with an option to attend any one of the following :

ABC of car mechanism and maintenance
Preliminary driving course (for learners)
Advanced driving course (for experienced driver )
Full day theoretical course on prevention of road accidents for light and heavy motor vehicle drivers.
The practical training courses include:
Learning to drive a car with the help of dual control cars. Students will also have an option to learn through a simulator –a modern classroom device that teaches you all about driving
ABC of car mechanism to rectify minor faults
Learning to ride a two-wheeler.

Theoretical course for two-wheeler riders
Theoretical courses on car driving with an option to attend any one of the following :

WIAA- Castrol Institute of Motoring Ahmedabad . HMV Training given to state transport Bus Drivers on simulators

Technical services
The institute will have a permanent Display Hall to provide technical know –how on car /two wheeler mechanism, preventive maintenance products and auto safety equipment. Arrangements will also be made to display latest car and two-wheeler model offering new technology

The institute will have an Exhaust Emission Control Cell to undertake PUC test and issue the certificate

To check the physical limitations of a driver, it will have a Driver’s Physical Fitness Cell to test Reflex Time, Field of Vision, etc. and suggest compensatory measures to ensure safety

Driving Competency Tests will be conducted to assist individuals as well as organisations to recruit technically competent drivers

The institute will also offer Driver Improvement Service to identify driving errors and improve driving skill and technique

The institute will have a library for those who want to know more about motoring.
HMV training given to state transport bus drivers on simulators
Research Activities
The institute will incorporate following investigation and research pattern to promote safety.

To collect accident data and identify accident prone zones
To carry out spot inspection in cases of fatal road accidents
To install warning signs on roads where necessary
To examine and analyse mental attitude, physical limitations and social background of drivers involved in road accidents
To arrange group discussions and to invite open suggestions from public and private tour and transport operators.
To undertake survey/research for the improvement of select state/ National highways
To study the Road Safety measures adopted in developed countries and recommend those applicable to Indian condition

For Further details, contact:

WIAA Office at Ahmedabad: Institute address:
Western India Automobile Association WIAA - Castrol Institute of Motoring
The Cellar, Near Nehru Foundation,
Khanpur Road, Judges' Bunglows Road,
Ahmedabad, 380001 Bodakdev,
Phone: +91 - 25503042 Ahmedabad - 380054

Road Safety programme for commercial drivers under CMV Rule 9
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